PF5U Transmission Fluid Exchange System – $2500 (Grand Rapids)

PF5U Transmission Fluid Exchange System – $2500 (Grand Rapids)

brakePF5U Transmission Fluid Exchange System – business/commercial – by owner – sale
Used PF5U PF5U Transmission Fluid Exchange System – Good Used Condition
*Includes various fittings, attachments and casters – see picturesBG PF5 is the fast, powerful alternative to traditional transmission fluid exchange methods. It exchanges transmission fluid entirely in as little as five to seven minutes.Traditional transmission fluid exchange methods, such as a pan drop or most transmission flushes, do not remove all of the old fluid before new fluid is added. The old fluid quickly contaminates the newly added fluid, causing it to break down much more quickly than completely clean automatic transmission fluid. Contaminated transmission fluid leaves behind deposits that can cause gear grinding, delayed transmission response, or stalling.As a vital part of the BG Transmission Service, the BG PF5 cleans the system using BG Quick Clean for Automatic Transmissions, removes old automatic transmission fluid while simultaneously adding new fluid such as BG Universal Synthetic ATF or BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid. The simultaneous exchange method permits no intermixing of new and old fluids, meaning the new fluid will last significantly longer. Once the fluid exchange is complete, additives such as BG ATC Plus® or BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid Conditioner, can be installed through the machine to protect the transmission and ensure long fluid life.Asking $2,500 – Email for more information

**Other BG Equipment available

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